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Modern Infrastructure Asset Management gives civil engineers and governments the power to manage their physical infrastructure assets more effectively and efficiently.

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How it Works

We make it easy for anyone to collect data on their roads, sidewalks, signs, trees, and more.

Whether you're managing a small town or a large city, our plug-and-play sensor solution scales to meet your various infrastructure management needs.

country town
city suburb

We send you our sensors.

Once you receive the sensors they are mounted easily to your vehicles for automated data collection.

You drive your vehicles.

As you drive around, our sensors collect high-quality, 3D data on your roads, sidewalks, signs, trees, and more.

Receive final results quickly.

We process all raw data and results are delivered in formats that integrate easily into your current operations.

Supported Assets

One solution, many applications's sensors are able to collect high-quality data on a wide range of infrastructure assets via advanced 3D mapping technology.




ADA Ramps

Traffic Signs

Road Paint



Utility Poles

Overhead Cables



Pay for what you need

Access your data through our powerful and intuitive web-based SaaS platform.

Our solutions scale to meet your government's or business's specific demands so you only pay for what you need.

trash pickup
sedan sweeper

Our sensors can be deployed on a variety of vehicles for accurate, automated data collection.

Our sensors mount easily to a wide range of vehicles making data collection simple and easy for everyone.

Pickup Trucks

Street Sweepers


Garbage Trucks

Seamless integration

Bring your data anywhere

Our platform gives you the ability to export all data in various formats for direct integration into other asset management tools.




.geojson .json


GIS layers


.ply .laz .xyz


.csv .tsv

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