Next-gen infrastructure management with 3D scanning and artificial intelligence

The easy and affordable way to inventory, measure, and monitor our world's physical infrastructure.


Slap our low-cost sensor onto any vehicle and drive. No skills required.


Budgets are tight. That's why our solutions let you do more for less.


Collect and analyze data quickly on multiple assets at the same time.

How it works

Get it done in 4 easy steps


Step 1. Sensor Delivery

We send you our low-cost mobile LiDAR sensors.

They work with a wide variety of vehicles including pickup trucks, sedans, garbage trucks, golf carts, and more.


Step 2. Install and Drive

Mount the sensor in minutes with our provided brackets. No drilling required.

Then, simply drive around to capture high-quality LiDAR and imagery data.

Step 3. Easy Data Capture

Our 3D scanning technology captures accurate data on all assets at the same time.

Next, our proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms extract the valuable information that you need from the 3D maps.


Step 4. Actionable Results

Finally, all results are made available quickly on our intuitive web-based platform.

Export your data in a wide variety of GIS, CAD, and pointcloud formats for easy integration into your favorite softwares.

Better data.
Better decisions.
Better infrastructure.

The future of infrastructure management is here.

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